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Tag: Desde Arriba


Desde Arriba – In English, it means From Pleasure

July 11, 2013


Intriguing title isn’t it? Don’t worry I am not going to blog in Spanish (I don’t even know the language). A friend whom I met in one of my travels taught me about it. I’ve chosen that as a title of my blog because my main goal for this site is to spark the desire for pleasure. In a busy street where I live in, I often sit and watch people pass by me. I kept thinking what’s going on inside their head, I observe their faces, their aura (as others would call it).

Often, I would see people who wear blank faces, those that looked like they are dragging their feet to live. Modern zombies, I must say. People who live a meaningless and colorless life. Sadly these zombies are sometimes dear to me too. They either live with me or close to me. I often wonder how could I rescue them from this. What can I do to wake them up from deep slumber.

I wish this site might be of help. That maybe one day a bored soul (might be you), will find this blog and find some much needed kick from here. Life is too short to waste it with the same old boring routine. Go out there my friend. LIVE.